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International tradeshow for Modern Urban Lifestyle

BREAD & BUTTER will take place from 7th - 9th July 2015 at the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof, parallel to the other fashion trade shows.

The recovery concept is set, the experienced BREAD & BUTTER team is ready.

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude for the big national and international encouragement, and for the wish for the continuation of BREAD & BUTTER.

Insolvency administrator Christian Graf Brockdorff emphasizes the fact that the tradeshow's implementation is financially covered, thus it will definitely take place. "The whole concept is viable. The business plan is convincing." says Brockdorff, pointing out that BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN has won the financial support of a family office to back it.



The market has changed and is developing, we are thinking further. BREAD & BUTTER will be redefined and regain the trust of its exhibitors and community.

The new concept is based on the question: How can we realize an inspiring leading trade show for fashion and Urbanwear, a show where the world meets, just as BREAD & BUTTER used to be for a long time in Barcelona and Berlin? 

Everyone speaks of Modern Urban Lifestyle. But what is interesting for people in the world's metropolises, in Tokyo, New York, London, Berlin? How do we reach those that do not live in a metropolis, but follow that lifestyle? What inspires them, how do they move, communicate, what codes do they have, what clothes do they wear, for what and how do they spend their money, that in turn is the retail's turnover?

Our answer: presentations of urban, contemporary brand environments (cluster) in keeping with the respective brand images, mixed with real novelties that inspire and motivate the buyers. Berlin-Tempelhof offers a great amount of space and room for the established and the new alike, is international, dynamic, innovative and groundbreaking.

Fashion, clothing, bags, belts, shoes and co. remain our core segments in our known brand environments:

-   Contemporary Mens and Womenswear

-   Superior Fashion

-   Denim & Urbanwear

-   Sport & Streetwear

-   L.O.C.K. - manufactured brands

-   Fire Dept. - crafted labels


-   Design & Agents

Hangar 6 (7,000 sqm), located next to L.O.C.K. at Hangar 7 (6,000 sqm), is reserved for this.

Fashion agencies and designers are offered ready-made stands, on demand also ready-furnished, ranging from 10-120 sqm.



Berlin is internationally known as a capital for creatives, innovatives, startups and young founders.

In our opinion, the continued one-dimensional mindsets of trade shows, retail or brands will limit our chances, outreach and therewith turnover.

This is why from now on, we will add a new focus on young, innovative and creative labels and founders from the fields of fashion, sports, health & wellbeing, beauty, living, food, mobility, online communication and business innovation - the Modern Urban Lifestyle! Sustainability is the overall topic in all fields here.

These are the essential growth sectors of the future.

We will provide free spaces at Tempelhof in the needed extent to young, national and international companies from these fields. The aim is to open up business opportunities for upcoming companies, offer networking possibilities for retail and industry, and win investors and sponsors for this.

Application is open from 1st March 2015 on at:

Until end of May 2015, an advisory board will choose those young companies from the pool of applicants that will be invited to participate.



Regular charged stand bookings are also accepted from 1st March 2015 on.

Stand rents:

Regular rate: 249.- €/sqm

Early Bird rate: 149.- €/sqm (Binding registration before 15th April 2015)

Pre-built booth: 50.- €/sqm (in the "Design & Agents" area, on demand)

Complete furnishing according to price list.


We will renew our Active Guest Management so that we can efficiently reach the necessary target groups, and facilitate their access to BREAD & BUTTER. Of course entry with the passes of the other Berlin trade shows is granted.

This is how we will offer the best possibilities for successful business to our customers and guests!


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