Adwoa Aboah Brought Her Gurls Talk to B&&B

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The model and activist gave a packed audience the chance to talk openly about anything

If we were auditioning for a new best friend, Adwoa Aboah would be our first choice. The London native is not only incredibly beautiful, she is also on a mission to break taboos and empower young women. As the founder of Gurls Talk, Adwoa provides a non-judgmental platform for females to chat about any issues they face – and she means ANYTHING.

For the first time in Berlin, Aboah brought Gurls Talk to Bread & Butter to have an open discussion with Dr. Lauren and Maxim Magnus, a London-based transgender lifestyle blogger and model. led by i-D Germany’s Editor-in-Chief, Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, the empowering discussion touched on everything from body positivity, to what feminism means today, and the importance of self-love. Watch the full conversation here, and scroll down for our exclusive interview with Aboah.

Being bold is…

Being yourself. Caring what people think but not caring enough that it sacrifices who you are.

What’s the boldest thing that Gurls Talk does for young women?

Gurls Talk advocates being bold in all senses of the word. There isn’t a topic or conversation that shouldn’t be spoken about. It’s about breaking stigmas and taboos.

Are there any subjects that you shy away from in Gurls Talk?

Absolutely no subjects that I shy away from. All are welcome. That’s the reason I started [Gurls Talk]—I didn’t think there was a space where people, mostly girls, could feel comfortable talking about anything from relationships to periods and sex to mental health. It’s the place where even the smallest things are important.

What does it mean to be bold in 2017?

Being bold in 2017 is making space for youth and everything they’ve got to say.