Why Aitor Throup Doesn’t Play By the Rules

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How the G-Star RAW creative director’s experimental design ethos makes him a fashion renegade with plenty to say

Forward-thinking. Futuristic. Fashion rule breaker. These are some things that come to mind when thinking about Aitor Throup, G-STAR RAW’s innovative creative director. He’s all about challenging traditions, experimentation and branching into unexplored territory. At Bread & Butter, you’ll see his artful denim pieces first-hand at G-STAR RAW’s brand lab. Ahead of the event, we spoke to Throup about his avant-garde design approach and how to create timeless work.

Being bold is…

Being true to yourself and having the courage to do so particularly when it’s not that easy.

What’s the boldest statement that you’ve made through your work?

I suppose it’s how I dealt with not adhering to the rules of the fashion industry. I’ve never really believed in creating seasonal collections or using the catwalk as the primary medium to show collections. I’m just being true to myself and I’m doing collections whenever they’re ready and in whatever format is suitable for that piece.

What does being bold look like in 2017?

It’s really about embracing and making the most of the opportunity that we’ve all got to speak out.