Bold Stories: Parisian Chic by The Kooples

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‘You don’t stay single in a Kooples outfit’ says Alexandre Elicha, one of the three stylish brothers who founded the Parisian Fashion brand

Over the past ten years, The Kooples have been dressing stylish couples around the world in sharp, sexy ensembles heavily influenced by Rock ‘n Roll’s legacy. Unsurprisingly, the three Elicha brothers who founded and design the iconic line, are sharply dressed themselves, adorned in chunky silver jewellery, unforgettable headwear and every rock stars’ must-have: dark sunglasses.

To find out more about the men behind the brand, we went to their beautiful, light-filled atelier in Paris. Ahead of The Kooples’ unmissable fashion show premiering at Bread & Butter this year, two-thirds of the brothers, Alexandre and Laurent, reveal what makes them tick creatively and what happens when family collaborates.

Check out the film here, and check back weekly for more Bold Stories.

Bold Stories: The Kooples