Check Out Adidas at Bread & Butter 2017

Freedom to Innovate


How the German sportswear brand empowers creativity and innovation

adidas has always valued creativity. It is the heartbeat of the sportswear giant—fueling and empowering athletes across all disciplines, from the field, pitch, court and street. Visitors to Bread & Butter 2017 saw this freedom to create and innovate at their brand lab.

adidas showcased a Creators’ space at the festival, where visitors designed their own adidas mini sneakers with different materials, fabrics and colours. adidas also provided a cutting-edge photo booth that elevated the selfie-game into the future. The bullet-time photo booth allowed you to see yourself in motion from 180-degree angles.

The latest products designed to improve sporting performance were also there. adidas Originals, that stalwart of street style, also presented a showcase of their latest drops. For a pick-me-up after using up all that creative energy, there was also a nutrition bar offering workshops and energy restoring treats. What’s more there was a Breakletics session in the Workout Arena for even more adidas-related gold.

Behind the Scenes: The Makers Lab