Check Out Kickz at Bread & Butter 2017

Never Not Ballin


Play hard! Dunk Elite showed off their mad skills at the KICKZ basketball court at Bread & Butter 2017 and it was an unforgettable show!

Driven by an unquenchable thirst to source the rare, dopest sneakers on the market, KICKZ is the name to know for unbeatable retro re-releases and the very latest launches. KICKZ are celebrating the early 90s, a golden age for basketball, hip hop and sneakers.

Basketball isn’t just an athlete’s thing. It’s a lifestyle. It’s pop culture. And KICKZ started back in 1993, when hip hop, graffiti and techno became mainstream and life just yolo. We mash up past and present, basketball and fashion into one gaudy playground, where you can play hard and look good.

Visitors to KICKZ’s Bread & Butter 2017 Brand Lab experienced this unique world of old-school and contemporary baller style: they stepped out onto a bright and bold 90s-inspired basketball court and shot around, brushed up on free-throw technique and won prizes.

But that’s not all. The legendary Dunk Elite, the best dunkers in the world, made our jaws drop with moves that needed to be seen to be truly believed.