Kings of Indigo: We are a denim brand

The Dutch denim brand takes a step further when it comes to jeans and the environment

Kings of Indigo brings the best of both worlds in denim together: the minimalistic beauty of pure, Japanese denim and the strong characteristics of classic, American blue jeans. Though design and durability lead, what sets the brand apart is its innovative nature in finding sustainable alternatives for producing high quality garments.

For their B&&B Brand Lab, they will take the WWII memorial soldier jacket to the next level. Soldiers who went off to war brought garments with them scrawled and sketched on them by their family and friends so they’d be reminded of home. Inspired by this creative spirit, at Bread & Butter, visitors to Kings of Indigo’s Brand Lab will witness an artist scribbling on a large white denim wall. Come by and help him make a B&&B memory piece or create your own work of art with the denim on hand.