Olympus Pen

The OLYMPUS PEN has become a darling in blogging circles over the last 2 years as more and more people discover not only is it rather pretty but it takes great photos too.


Ask an “expert” a year or two back what they thought you should get if you wanted to take better images than your smartphone or compact camera and they would usually say a “DSLR”. Often big, heavy, a bit ugly and made of black plastic these do not really go with a chic new outfit.


Enter the E-PL7, the first OLYMPUS PEN with the image quality of a traditional system camera but three major advantages: it was small, sexy and had built in WiFi to let you get your images straight to your smartphone and onto your social streams.


But what about Bokeh? This is the professional looking background blur that so many people take to be the holy Grail of the stand out blog post. No problem, add a 45mm lens to your OLYMPUS PEN and you can get that too as it has access to all the high quality lenses from the much admired OM-D system.


What else? “The camera and your lens will both sneak into your everyday handbag or one of the increasing range of dedicated bags in the Fashion Accessories range” says OLYMPUS European Marketing Manager, Tanja Mehler, “Designed not to look like a dull traditional camera holder these include leather shoulder bag, a clutch and soon a bucket bag in svelte suede plus lots of lovely straps.


What’s not to like?