Check Out Reebok at Bread & Butter 2017

Berlin, Gigi, and Much More!

Gigi Hadid for Reebok

Gigi featuring Reebok Training and Classic Collection

Free from the pressure of expectations, there’s no limit on how high you can rise. 

Perfection was yesterday. For Gigi Hadid and women across the globe, the journey of self-improvement is an ongoing story. 

Free of the limitations and expectations of outside ideals, Gigi and women everywhere can embrace their “imperfections” to be the best version of themselves and ultimately Be More Human.

Coming on September 7th: 
Gigi’s Metallic Classic Club C Pack

This Club C 85 turns up the electricity today with a melted metal upper and pearlised finish that energise the evolution of metallics.



The Berlin City Series outfit is rooted in dance and inspired via the 80’s glam rock style of flamboyant costumes and colours. Just like the 80`s pushed the limits of fashion, Reebok’s Berlin outfit pushes the boundaries of fashion in fitness apparel.

Trained in athletic prowess and always uncompromisingly cool, the Reebok lab at Bread & Butter is all about showcasing the two driving forces of the brand, Training and Classic. Topics such as how these two differing pursuits contrast and compliment one another are broached and explored.

Enter the Bread & Butter lab to play, discover and be surprised by the worlds of Classic and Training. You can try out a tattoo, get your hair braided, check out the latest training apparel or just get a beer from the Classic Stand. There will be giveaways and unmissable drops from both sides of the track. AW17 is all about forgetting perfection and embracing individuality to be the best you can be. So we can’t wait to see what new drops are lined up from this progressive collection that delivers seriously fresh colour.