That Sci-fi Aesthetic

Futuristic Fashion

The Ragged Priest launch an interactive gallery of forward-facing looks at Bread & Butter

The Ragged Priest is all about the sci-fi aesthetic. From Internet slogans, psychedelic prints, loud colours to bold silhouettes, The Ragged Priest draw their inspiration from the future this autumn. Having already built an enviable reputation for providing edgy looks and rebellious attitude, the hot British streetwear label is now also tapping into 1990s grunge culture, lacing their lookbook with teen spirit and those counterculture icons.

At Bread & Butter, you’ll get your first glimpse into the future. No dystopian images here – it’s all looking rosy further down the line. You’ll find wide-legged trousers with details that scream, denim cuts that soar to the thighs, oversized jerseys and sports joggers like you’ve never seen them before. With fashion fanatics like Rihanna and Jessie J donning the brand, The Ragged Priest is making all the right waves with its bold looks.

The Ragged Priest will also host a gallery-like space to showcase the brand’s “Master Pieces” from their AW17 collection. But if galleries don’t really do it for you, you are always free to exit through the carefully curated gift shop…