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When Bread & Butter relaunched in 2016 as a trend show for the public, it was a fashion game-changer, opening up a once insider-only experience to all.

Gigi Hadid, A$AP Rocky, 8 fashion shows, 20K trendsetters, and much more! Read about last year’s show for everyone.

Bread & Butter 2016


Bread & Butter began life as a fashion trade show, moving from its original Cologne location to Berlin in 2003 to become one of Europe’s freshest industry events. In 2016, under new ownership by Zalando, Bread & Butter relaunched as the world’s first trend show for everyone. Rejecting exclusivity, the event’s goal was to empower consumers, allowing them to personally engage with fashion sans guest lists or velvet ropes.

Over three sold-out days in 2016, 20,000 trendsetters from across Europe experienced eight catwalk shows and 25 brand labs with shoppable products. Celebrities—including Gigi Hadid—came from around the globe, and live music acts such as A$AP Rocky and Boiler Room DJs entertained guests. But that wasn’t all: after-show parties and drool-worthy street food kept visitors engaged and fuelled until the early morning hours.