Pushing Limits at Bread & Butter’s Active Arena

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From the hottest exercise trends to high-energy yoga, everyone got physical at B&&B's Active Arena.

Serotonin levels soared at Bread & Butter 2017. Our custom-built Active Arena featured bold graphic flooring, stadium terracing and a full-sized basketball hoop.

Guests had the chance to take part in adidas’s energetic Breakletics sessions, which combined functional training with breakdancing for a novel way to break sweat. Nike improved the physical and mental well-being of visitors with yoga sessions, led by the mesmerizing PALETA CalmQuality, who aligned their zen for busy days ahead. Kickz brought the Dunk Elite guys to the court where they wowed the boisterous crowd with their insane hoop skills, causing jaw-dropping reactions with every dunk.

Fiona Erdmann pushed limits during Reebok’s High Intensity Training while Puma hosted a dance workout with Aaron Night and a workout from Instagram star Pamela Reif. There was an Asics night run with Moritz Tellmann and Martial Arts Fitness with Sonja Blade.

Check out all the action in our recap below.